April 5, 2011

Mobile Fraud by BBC-Center

Our privacy is important issue that we aware of, however sometimes we don't really know what kind of information is published over the internet or stolen by malicious attackers.
Have you ever googled your name\ eMail\ Mobile? If not - give a shot, you might find some interesting info about yourself and even expose your private information.

Use Case
My college, Regina Strakh, got the following SMS to her mobile:

What is the risk?
By replying the message, the attacker is able to build a spam list of eMails and update the activity of the mobile number since it should be sent in the mail.
In addition, the potential victim might have future steps to pay a fee for the attacker.

Following the attacker
Let's gather some information... WHOIS BBC-CENTER.ORG:

As can be seen above, The first suspicious information is the creation date of the domain. The second suspicion is registrant's eMail, which is based on gmail.
In addition, if we go to the web site of this domain, the following empty site would appear:

Of course, BBC's web site does not looks like the site above.

Let's go deeper... Who holds the nickname of the attacker? (google it)... It should be a self employed "very simple guy":

Note: It is not a sure strike, however this is the most relevant information in google.

In conclusion - It's a fraud!!!

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